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  Excursions in Las Grutas, Patagonia, Argentina


DESERT TRACKS offers an ideal alternative to rest, visit and enjoy an unforgettable place where there is adventure and good gastronomy. A not-to-be-missed programme specially designed to explore nature from a unique scenario in the Patagonia, being Las Grutas its entrance door to this experience.

The penguin breeding site, the Argentine Fort, the Gualicho saltmine, San Antonio doors, an escape to Peninsula de Valdez and Puerto Madryn; a safari to the marine fossils, the tides phenomenon, El Sótano (the basement), Piedras Coloradas beach, the petrified forest, a French gourmet lunch in a farm and the best preserved train station of the country. The seafood cannery and the southernmost olive field in the world are some of the attractions offered in Las Grutas, in the Argentine Patagonia.

Yes!..From Las Grutas guests can tour around many places and get to know Patagonia better. Surely Las Grutas is the door to the latest unspoiled places in the planet. In Patagonia is where the sea and the blue sky draw an unimaginable horizon and dream of a trip to the stars from the Gualicho saltmine. 

Adventure, rural and mining tourism, superlative gastronomy. Seafood, Spanish paella, grilled lamb served facing the sea, gourmet kitchen and chicken prepared al disco. Choose your ideal tour based on your preferred activities or on the patagonian gastronomy. 

The accommodation in hotels, lodges, departments, hostels and complexes offer a variety of options in Las Grutas assuring a renovating rest to continue to Puerto Madryn and Peninsula de Valdez along the National Route number 3, linking our Beach resort to Buenos Aires.

Good gastronomy, casino, best warm beaches, discos and a lot of entertainment add value to Desert Tracks´ traditional tours for guests to leave Las Grutas with the best experience ever of the Patagonia lands. 



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Guia de campo Las Grutas Patagonia Argentina

Flora Guide: Province of Scrub

This is a guide that took three years of hard work for scientists and professionals to classify and spread information on the indigenous vegetation of the Argentine Patagonia. It is essential to carefully recognize the flora species during the tours to the Argentine Fort, the Gualicho saltmine, the penguin breeding site as well as San Antonio doors and Punta Perdiz. This is the first country guide edited by Desert Tracks and the start of a collection of guides for birds, mammals, snails, paleontology and tidal zone which will be available in our office and affiliated stores soon.

The penguin meter:  Poster for the kids!

“Berni” penguin invites to measure yourself while you are growing! Each summer a lost penguin gets to Las Grutas and Desert Tracks has chosen one to accompany the youngest kids to see its loving baby penguin, “Cúchulo”, who will take us on an adventurous trip to the provincial reserve Islote Lobos where one of the four penguin sites is located in Rio Negro and that is now open for tourism.  More than 10.000 penguins await us in the unspoiled paradise between September and April each year.  The best souvenir of this experience is the penguin meter.

The Gualicho Saltmine: Poster Mining Tourism

The largest saltmine of the country has its own information brochure, which is a descriptive poster with information on the Gualicho saltmine, home to the Mining Tourism in Rio Negro. This poster explains how and why the salt is formed, how it is cultivated and describes the animals living in the area. It also explains how to get there and enjoy the place every year. It is a tool to know the geography of the country and explore an important part of the Patagonia. It is available at Desert Tracks office and affiliated shops.

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